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The Vegan Kitchen

Delicious pre-cooked vegan meals and treats

What is the VEGAN kitchen 

As a newcomer to Veganism I was finding it very difficult to find food that I could eat in the Durban area so decided to try and do some research and create a means for other Vegan minded people to be able to eat ! and the VEGAN kitchen was born. I have started growing my own vegetables which I will be using in my meals too. So, in a nutshell – the VEGAN kitchen is ready made and pre-ordered meals and sweet treats that harm no living beings in their making.

By creating delicious savoury and sweet meals and treats I aim to not only provide a much needed service to fellow Vegans but also show Non-vegans how appealing our food can be – no eating grass for us!

Frozen Meals

A selection of delicious ready made meals


Ice creams , sticky puddings, pancakes…..

Savoury Snacks

Assortment of Savoury snacks available

Ready to bake

Frozen mixes to bake when you need

Sweet Treats

Sweet treats for those who enjoy sugar

T-shirts & Bumper stickers

Choose one of our designs or submit your own

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084 032 3686

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