The BEGINNING of the VEGAN kitchen

In 2009, as a newcomer to Veganism I found it very difficult to find food that I could eat in the Durban area so decided to try and do some research and create a means for other Vegan minded people to be able to eat ! I had already decided that i would not be missing out on any of my favourite meals or treats by making the compassionate move.

So the VEGAN kitchen was born. My husband is a landscaper and avid food grower so provides me with lots of fresh, tasty, organic vegetables for my meals.

In a nutshell – the VEGAN kitchen is ready made and pre-ordered meals and sweet treats that harm no living beings in their making.

By creating delicious savoury and sweet meals and treats I aim to not only provide a much needed service to fellow Vegans but also show Non-vegans how appealing our food can be – no eating grass for us! 

Frozen meals

Weekly menus of ready made frozen meals in different portion size options.

(curries, lasagnes, pizzas, cottage pies stews and more)

Snack platters

Order an assortment of sweet & savoury snacks  for any occasion 

(mini sausage rolls, cheez twirls, mini pies & more)

Sweet treats

A range of delicious sweet treats to tempt you. Spoil yourself with some nibbles!

(peanut butter fudge, biscuits, date balls and more)


More tantalising temptations.

Try out our popular and tasty ice-creams, milk tarts, pecan nut tarts, apple pies & other delicious puddings

Reach Us

084 032 3686